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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Sounds of Coffee

My boss recently got one of those Keurig coffee makers for our office.  He says it will be cheaper and more efficient, and I agree with him on part of that.  We used to make two pots of coffee for the office, one regular, one decaf, on one of those Bunn restaurant drip-with-the-hotplate devices.  Everyone would have their cup and then two half-pots would be left to burn on the hotplates all day, until someone wanted a cup around 3 o'clock.  That person would dump the old, burned coffee and make a new pot to get their one cup and a full pot would be left to burn until it, too, was dumped at 5.  With the K-cups, everone gets one cup of coffee whenever they want, and no pots are left to burn or dump or clean.
Is it cheaper?  Maybe for the office.  The office used to pay for boxes of coffee bags for the drip machines.  Now we all chip in ten bucks each a month for two big boxes of K-cups. (We can go into the problem of the boss buying the machine but not the coffee for it at another time, when cooler heads might prevail.)
But here's what I've noticed while standing in line in the kitchenette waiting for my K-cup of coffee.  Pouring coffee from a pot, you get a wonderful splashing noise as it fills the cup, as if you're putting your cup under a fresh, clear brook of coffee.  When you put your cup under the Keurig machine and press the button, your coffee spits out into your cup like -- well, like someone's peeing in your cup. It's very off-putting.  Just a little something for the engineers to think of when they come up with the Keurig Mark 2 -- some way to pour the coffee into my cup, instead of peeing in it.

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