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Friday, May 8, 2015

I Can't Be Googled!

Last night I wanted to get some info on old friend Mat Kaplan, so -- naturally -- I Googled him. (If you'd like to do the same, you'll see that Mat is the radio/podcast voice for the Planetary Society.)  Then, just for fun, I Googled my buddy John Timpane and found that he even has his own image section! Then I Googled Don Rooney...
And found that I've been aced out of Google by country star Joe Don Rooney of the group Rascal Flatts. There's SIX PAGES of links to him. You still get links to him even when you go to "Advanced Search" and try to subtract "Joe," "Rascal Flatts," "country music" -- even "Jo" for those morons who can't spell his first name correctly. I was in radio and TV, but you STILL get Joe Don Rooney if you type in "Don Rooney radio" (about all the radio airplay his group is getting and the radio interviews he's done) or "Don Rooney TV" (about all the TV appearances by Rascal Flatts). Finally, if you type in "Don Rooney podcast," the first two entries lead you to the Musical Innertube (one's in German-- I guess I'm popular in Dusseldorf) -- but the next four are links to podcasts about.. you guessed it... JOE DON ROONEY!

I don't follow country music and have no idea what Rascal Flatts sounds like, or even if I'd enjoy their music.  We'll never know.  Because, thanks to Google, I really hate this bastard.

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