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Monday, August 29, 2016

Trumping up the news

When did NPR go on Donald Trump's payroll?

This morning (Aug. 29th) I listened to their live news feed at 7:40 on iTunes -- the anchor began by saying Hillary Clinton appeared at three fund raisers over the weekend, without giving any more information.  The anchor immediately added that Donald Trump spoke somewhere, and here's a complete report from our correspondent, who did a piece complete with audio from Trump.

Then, this afternoon (still Aug 29th), there's this about Anthony Weiner and his wife separating:

Of course it's newsworthy to mention that Huma Abedin is a close advisor to Hillary.  But the story has THREE quotes from Trump and ONE from Hillary's campaign.

It's something I've noticed from all the media, not just NPR:  Trump's outrageous, and media these days lives for the outrageous.  Trump's a media hog who will say anything; his campaign has gone a lot farther than anyone believed; it seems almost impossible that he's the Republican candidate; so, he gets all the airtime. I've unfortunately seen news coverage go down the entertainment rabbit hole since my time in the business; as a radio News Director, I sat through many a meeting with a consultant who said the only "news" people care about is in the Life section of USA Today. (My reply?  The newspaper version of USA Today has FOUR sections, and Life is the LAST section.)  My good friend Mary Lyon has noticed it, too:

If Trump has a chance to win this thing, it will be in no small part thanks to the idiots who run media in this country.  Who will then, of course, all be banned from events featuring President Trump if he doesn't like what they say about him.

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