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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Falling Up

I know spring is supposed to be the time of new beginnings, but for me it’s always been fall.  For example, at my first radio job, WQCM in Hagerstown, Maryland, I was hired in September.  (I was, however, fired the next May. “New beginnings” and all that.)

My second radio job started that fall, at WTSN in Dover, New Hampshire.  A much better experience all around, starting with autumn in New England. My daily drive to work was decorated with spectacular fall foliage. WTSN was located along aptly-named Back Road, which was lined with maples, birches and other trees that were such bright shades of red and yellow that I wondered where they plugged the trees in.

Somehow, I managed to not get fired the next spring.  Instead, I met my wife the following fall. WTSN’s midday jock had left for a job in Richmond, Virginia, and I took his shift. I had to train the woman who was taking my place on the 7 to midnight shift. After I showed her how to work the board, I walked into the next room, turned on the speakers and smiled.  She was great from the first break on, with a smooth delivery and a smile in her voice.  A couple of months later, we were getting something to eat at a downtown restaurant when I told her something like, “If you’re not careful, I’ll marry you.”  She wasn’t careful.

We did get married in the spring.  So far, she hasn’t fired me.

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