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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Father Hardy And The Brothel

We join parishioners Shamus and Clancy as they sit in a pub on the village square:

Clancy: Shamus! Y’see that house across the way?
Shamus: What, that old ramshackle place?
Clancy: No, no ‘tis a fine cottage!
Shamus: Wait, let me put me beer glasses on….ah yes, I see it now. Beautiful, it is!
Clancy: It’s a brothel!
Shamus: A what?
Clancy: A cathouse!
Shamus: But I don’t see any –
Clancy: Yes, I know, y’don’t see any cats! It’s a house of ill repute, then.
Shamus: Ohhh…how terrible!
Clancy: They say it’s frequented by men of the cloth. Like, see there, just now, who’s goin’ in!
Shamus: Why, it’s the Reverend McClatchy!
Clancy: See, I told you those Methodists are hypocrites!
Shamus: Right you are, as always, my friend!
Clancy: And look who’s there now!
Shamus: Oh dear, it’s the rabbi!
Clancy: God’s chosen people, indeed!
Shamus: Indeed, indeed! Why, would you look at that!
Clancy: What?
Shamus: Goin in t’the reputedly ill house…
Clancy: That’s house of ill –
Shamus: It’s Father Hardy!
Clancy: Oh, now, this is terrible!
Shamus: Terrible, indeed!
Clancy: I’m so sorry.
Shamus: As we all should be.
Clancy: It’s obvious that one of those poor girls has died.
Shamus: Obliviously.

Join us next time as Father Hardy attempts to explain Charlie Sheen.

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