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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father Hardy and the Last Deal

And now it’s time to check in on the ever-faithful Father Hardy. Today, Father Hardy is playing a friendly game of poker with some of his parishioners. Paddy Murphy has just dropped dead. Let’s listen in, shall we?

Michael: Oh dear, Paddy lost 500 dollars on that last hand. D’ya think it coulda caused him to drop dead?
Fr. Hardy: God works in mysterious ways, Michael.
Michael: I feel sorry for ya, Fatha.
Fr. Hardy: Thank ya, Michael. But I think we’ll all get our money back ‘cause Paddy died, so I won’t be losin’ that 300 dollars after all.
Michael: No, I mean you’ll have to be tellin’ Paddy’s wife about him dyin’ and all.
Fr. Hardy: Oh, right right right. I’ll be headin’ off just as soon as I get me 300 dollars back.

Three hours later

Mrs. Murphy: Why, Father Hardy, it’s good ta see ya.
Fr. Hardy: Not really, Margaret. Your husband just lost 500 dollars in a poker game.
Mrs. Murphy: Why that – beggin’ yer pardon, Fatha, but you can tell him to drop dead!
Fr. Hardy: That I will, Margaret. I'll go tell him now.

Be with us next time as Father Hardy learns American history from Sarah Palin

Fr. Hardy: So George Washington threw a silver dollar across the river so the taxman wouldn’t get it?
Sarah: You betcha!

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